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BREAK ME; THE OBSESSION SERIES. BOOK 2. A New Adult Romance (The Obsession Series, A New Adult Romance) by Laura Bailey,

The Need (New Adult Paranormal Romance) (Immortal Beloved) by Bilinda Ni Siodacain,

Without You: Book 1 of the Changing Hearts Series by Yesenia Vargas

Exposure 1 (New Adult Romance) by L. A. Shorter,

Fuel To The Fire (Race For The Heart)(A New Adult Romance Novel) by Brynn O'Connor,

Robin in the Hood (Robbin' Hearts Series Book 1) by Diane J. Reed,

Delicious!: A Novel by Ruth Reichl

Driving Me to Christmas: London Loves: Steamy Romance Novels Series, Book 5 by Julie Farrell,

Murder in the South of France (The Maggie Newberry Mystery Series) by Susan Kiernan-Lewis,

Push Me (To The Edge series, #1) by Jill Macintosh,

A Knight Comes To Bed: Miss Bookworm and Mr. Sex Symbol 1 by C.J. McLane,