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    Do you remember how cool it was to have a box of 64 crayons?

    Twinkies! Not as fattening or as bad for you as they are today. And they actually had real cream filling... not some fat based, artificial junk.


    Another awesome pasttime. You and your friend each sit on a seat facing each other and.....rock.

    Remember the pretty colors and flowers?

    Remember when this was the biggest problem you encountered all day?

    remember the 80's, crazy hair days. This is how Naomi Francois Smith spent her jr. High days!

    I had one of these! Vintage Stick Horse Toy - Ride Em Cowboy, Black and White

    McDonald\'s McDLT:

    Remember those gold metal belts, that were more accessory than belt? That was the 80s, accessorize to the MAX!

    .Brighty of the Grand Canyon.

    Stormy, Misty's foal by Marguerite Henry

    Horses by Kate Reddick I LOOOOVVVEEED this book!

    Madge (Palmolive commercial): "you're soaking in it!"


    I had one of these, it's a wheel-o!

    all the good old soda bottles..GLASS bottles were so good to get from the fridge and drink cold! yum! and all the bagged old chips!

    Life savers Butterscotch! I loved these!

    Remember when Cracker Jacks had COOL prizes

    Gravel Art

    Inflatable swim rings!

    Leisure Suit Larry EGA. Originally released in 1987, re-released in 1991.

    Do you remember the first time you saw the "legs"?

    Do you remember getting one of these and you just "HAD" to label everything. And you were like, "Um.. Mom? I need another roll of tape...."

    When Tuna was in 8oz cans, and you could get 5/$1 on sale. Now, they are 6oz and $1 each! What is the deal with the inflation on the price of tuna! Seriously!