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#2 has me stymied??? How do you know if you have negative stuff??? I do everything else that is listed! So I'm thinking I'm okay!

Top 7 Bad Feng Shui House Features: See Them Now

Here are the top 7 bad feng shui aspects of a home; be sure to either avoid buying a home that has one or more of these design feng shui flaws of fix them as soon as possible in your exisiting home.

3 Feng Shui Tips To Jumpstart Your Career

3 Feng Shui Tips To Jumpstart Your Career: When you feel stuck in your career, use feng shui at home and in the office. Simple feng shui cures such as an optimum desk placement, appropriate feng shui decor and a good flow of Chi, or feng shui energy, will bring fresh energy to your career.

Tortoise Symbol in Feng Shui