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Nooooooooo!!! I've used Huggies for the last 2 years for my son, what will I do when Buzz comes? Huggies Rule!!!!

So there's a lot of rumors going around that Sophia might be pregnant...>>> Oh dear god if shes doing this for attention....>>>> Lets hope not....

This is exactly why I refuse to do maternity pictures. People like this need shot. Maternity pictures aren't about being naked... Gag so gross.

from TVLine

Bones Premiere Shocker: Find Out Why [Spoiler] Had to Die

Bones Sweets Dies I'm so upset He's was one of my favorites Literally the most heartbreaking scene over in a tv show. ever.

Indeed it is some August Baby problems! and you want to know why?? 9 months earlier is Christmas time and it’s all cozy by the fire…A little too cozy… MERRY CHRISTMAS I’M PREGNANT!! Nooooooooo I never get anything I want for Christmas icon sad Teach Me Interesting facts August Baby problems! .

Little Pumpkin is she pregnant or did sh just stuff a pumpking under her shirt. She's pregnant and painted her belly like a pumpkin, Fooled me.