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how long do horses live? best ideas about Horse pictures and photos.

How Long Do Horses Live and Everything about Horse Age (FACT!)

~Stunning~ another gorgeous palomino.is there any other kind? My absolute favorite horse! I've always always loved a palomino!

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chrystalstar:  “ Ebony & Ivory  ”

chrystalstar: “ Ebony & Ivory ”

Barbaro, you had the heart of a champion... You are missed.

Barbaro finished first at the 2006 Kentucky Derby race. His finish in that race…

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what is it about white horses?? they are the fantasy of life!

what is it about white horses? they are the fantasy of life!

Интересные новости

Интересные новости


EKS Shakira (Shakir el Marwan x Poetica B by Besson Carol) 2010 grey mare bred by Elkasun Arabians, South Africa


Found a picture of a buckskin and a bay -- my two favorites. I think I like the bays more though

Perlino Lusitano

A golden Akhal Teke. Golden is a word for a range of shades of dun, but the coats of the Akhal Teke are famous for their metallic glow.