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Hello and welcome. This side blog is for things that make me smile, things that bring out the woman in me, things that shouldn't or can't go on my other blog beautiful-blue-eyed-girl. Thank you for stopping by and I hope ya'll enjoy it😊

Welcome! ✿ This blog run by magic-spelldust & emotive-energy. It is dedicated to all things magical, inspirational, and beautiful, just like out of a fairytale.

drugs can be a solution to get away from reality but they bring confusion and cause harm to your body and link to the theme of order and disorder

I'm Katherine. English. King Eds, Stourbridge. I post mostly vintagey stuff I think, but really just photo's and words I like.... It's a mixture of my own and reblogged stuff :) I'm a really full...

I love this image because it shows decay and growth. It shows decay through the crack in the wall, however, shows growth through the plant. It could imply that growth and decay aren't too far apart in there meaning and that they are both quite similar.