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  • Susan

    I'd love to find these twister sheets somewhere! < This isn't what he meant when he said play some games in bed!

  • Kim Ireland

    Twister Bed sheets Could Be very easily made. Funny wedding gift.

  • Jessica Sargent

    twister bed sheets Bridal shower gift?

  • Jessica Horstman

    Funny gift idea -- Twister bed sheets!

  • Claudia Murray

    Twister Bed Sheets Retro Stuff (let's play a game... - cam)

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Hahahaha ohh my future kids will have so much fun looking through their baby photos..

Try to have a sense of humour while caring for your elderly parent.

Pregnancy pictures - too funny!! Oh I have just GOT to find someone to let me do this!!! I think it is the BEST ever!!

Hahaha!! I'm so gonna use this on someone! ..or at least mumble it under my breath behind them in a stern way.

I love this story! I have read it so many times and it always warms my heart.

The comments on this are hilarious.

Photo recreation done right…BAHAHA That is hilarious! jt

Ahahahaha! Sorry Joe, you're just not Steve.