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Guardian angel watching over (From my board: Angels and Spirits)

Water Nymphs. Two of several water nymph statues in York House Gardens, Twickenham, along side the River Thames and near Dial House Riverside. The statues were imported from Italy by Whitaker Wright who took his life in 1904 in court following his conviction for fraud. This led to Sir Ratan Tata to aquire the statues and bring them into his gardens at York House. Source: The Twickenham Museum.

Close up of 'The Angel' by Giulio Monteverde, Giulio Monteverde family grave, Verano Monumental Cemetery, Rome, Italy

Winged Victory (Nike) of Samothrace, Greek statue (marble), 2nd century BC (Musée du Louvre, Paris).

""Transcendence" by Gaylord Ho. Gaylord Ho was born April 11, 1950, in Hsin-Wu, Taiwan. Gaylord Ho is masterfully skillful sculptor and an inspired artist. His goal in every sculpture is to bring to life the emotion of the moment being frozen forever in clay."