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Cold Remedy: Lemon Ginger Syrup. Take at the first sign of a cold. Ginger is pain relieving, antiseptic, and helps relieve congestion. The lemons are full of vitamin C.

Home remedy for cough and soar throat and sinus stuff: ¼ t. Cayenne ¼ t. Ginger 1 T. Cider Vinegar (an organic one, like Bragg’s, is preferred.) 2 T. Water 1 T. Honey (use a locally produced raw honey, if possible.)

This sounds great, the only modification I would make is to add honey to a slightly cooled brew, as to not destroy the enzymes and healling properties of the honey. I would definitely give this a try though!

Elderberry Elixer: Elderberry is the number one herb to reach for to both prevent the flu from entering your house and treating it if you do get it. Containing high amounts of vitamins A and C, it’s good to have around in your wintertime arsenal of healing herbal remedies.

Make Your Own Winter Remedies Make your own remedies: super immune support, cold and fever fighter, cough and sore throat soother, fire cider, and mood booster.

I'll be doing Chicken noodle soup, honey, and garlic today. :) Using safe and natural cold remedies and boosting your immune system can help you fight colds and avoid ineffective and potentially dangerous drugs. articles.mercola....

cold remedy drink with honey, lemon, ginger, garlic (maybe add horshradish)

intensitoddy aka the magic natural tea for sickness

The Easiest, Most Effective Beauty Recipe Ever Put honey on your skin at least three times a week and you’ll have skin that flourishes (in a good way) without the need for expensive moisturizers. Really. That’s all you have to do. Wash your face. Slather honey on it. Wait 15 minutes (or as long as you want, really) and then rinse it off with warm water and a washcloth.

Licorice soothes throats that are sore and battered by coughing, and it also helps break up phlegm both in the throat and in the lungs.

The BEST natural remedy for cold and flu season. This stuff WORKS!