St. Germain Cocktails

The Gemini cocktail: 3 parts grapefruit juice 2 parts St-Germain 1 part vodka splash of Preseco Combine grapefruit juice, st-germain, and vodka in shaker. Shake and pour into glass. Top with a splash of Preseco and enjoy.

Baileys Chocolatini | Cocktail Recipes | Baileys® Original Irish Cream

The Spiced Cake Baileys martini is a holiday-inspired Irish Cream recipe combining Baileys Irish Cream, Hazelnut flavor & Smirnoff Spiced Cake Vodka.

Black Orchid  Ingredients: - 1 1/4 parts Grey Goose L'Orange vodka - 3/4 parts  creme de violette - 3/4 parts lemon juice - 1/2 parts sim...

Black Orchid Ingredients:- 1 parts Grey Goose L'Orange vodka- parts creme de violette- parts lemon juice- parts simple syrup- 1 dash peach bitters or orange bittersGarnish: 1 edible orchid or violet flower

Blue Lagoon      Makes:1     Ingredients  Ice  30ml vodka  15ml blue curacao  Lemonade     Half-fill a highball glass with ice.    Add vodka and blue curacao.    Top with lemonade.

- Cool down this summer holiday with delicious blue lagoon drinks. Learn how easy it is to make blue lagoon drink by mixing few basic ingredients.

Can never have too many tequila and vodka tea cups

Anyone up for a tea party? / tea cups / china / tea / vodka / tequila / cute -my kinda tea party ;

Elderflower Cordial Recipe

Elderflower Cordial Recipe

Elderflower Cordial recipe - bottle up the gorgeous aroma of wild Elderflowers to use in summery drinks and desserts. Easy to make and absolutely delicious! Had this in Budpest and it was wonderful

champagne cocktail recipes

POP {and Sip & Spoon} the Bubbly

Lavender Martini  1  1/2 ounces vanilla flavored vodka  1/2 ounce fresh lemon juice   1/4 ounce lavender syrup (sometimes I add a little more, to boost the flavor a bit)

This is the Perfect Summer Cocktail: Lavender Martini! Get the recipe NOW and enjoy one tonight.

My ultimate favorite cocktail   'Extra Dirty Martini with Bleu Cheese stuffed Olives'

An Offensively Dirty Martini.pepper vodka, hand stuffed blue cheese olives, shaken (a lot) not stirred. Best to do the prep work before you start drinking, otherwise it gets messy and sloppy, just sayin'