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(One day...) The distant #rocks off #Ibiza. from #treyratcliff at www.StuckInCustom... - all images Creative Commons Noncommercial

Hall Rutherford - to see this amazing chandelier up close.

We’ll never know exactly what Vincent Van Gogh saw that inspired him to paint ‘The Starry Night’, but Alex Ruiz takes a delightful stab at guessing in his digital interpretation of the night that famous work was born.

Surreal Wisteria Flower Tunnel in Japan

Over 10,000 books thrown out by public libraries were recently given new life in a beautiful new lighting installation by Inhabitat favorites Luzinterruptus. Called “Literature Versus Traffic”, the installation spilled out into the streets of Melbourne during the Light in Winter festival, fusing discarded books with glowing LED lights. The river of glowing books invited passersby to leaf through the volumes that had been forsaken for the dump and take them home.

LA Hotels - PARK PLAZA HOTEL - Hollywood - Los Angeles, California. (Keep in mind for events. What a beautiful venue. Never knew it was there.)

Countdown to Batchelder

Bored Panda - great site to see/read about weird, strange, and beautiful things.