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Hottest Country Hunks — Photos

Bruce Willis (a favorite actor: looper, red, surrogates, assassination of a high school president, whole ten yards etc etc)

General Hospital Spoilers: Griffin's Biological Mom, Olivia Jerome, Arrives In Port Charles - Anna Loses Surrogate Son

Celebrity Worship Culture, Serious question: Why do people even worship celebrities? What do they even get out of it? Are the stars supposed to be surrogate gods and heroes in a world without any? Are people today so stupid and inane that they have to look up to entertainers to feel good about their own worthless lives?

Here's Tom Hiddleston As The Bloody, Vengeful Hero Of Your Dreams

My original idea for Stefan in DON'T GO FAR was Michael Sheen (Lucian in Underworld), but then sort of merged with this guy, Sleepy Hollow's Ichabod (Tom Mison). So basically Stefan became both men at once, haha. Most likely from similar appearances.