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Hard times in the last two years I really want to keep the business open :-) Cold in the winter so we opened the space for the benefit of all community To come and play - parents and children together --- I need to raising money for this place to stay open!! We make a living from this place. ‏‎ Indoor Playground for kids ages 0-6yrs

Get organized with the new Common Core Standards for History / Social Studies in Grades 6-8. Includes classroom posters, student tracking sheets, and teacher tracking sheets. ($3.00)

Are you teaching with the Common Core Standards yet? I have unpacked the standards and created a resource that is perfect for assessing your stude...

Teachers Pay Teachersfrom Teachers Pay Teachers

Common Core

Documenting LA. Common Core Standards - 9th and 10th grades $

Make something similar to this as an exit ticket in the door where students place post it notes that have a secret code number on it. That was the student and I are the only two who know their numbers and this could be done with heads down to get a more honest answer

Enphysics Ltd will be involved in research and development of green energy products and services using thorium. The company will also manufacture its own equipment and products for electrical power and heat generation for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The technology will be used for residential, industrial, transportation and space based applications.

Please join me in our new community Shop Small® Neighborhoods at Mightybell on Mightybell. Here we can meet other members who share our same interests as well as learn and share together in our - zipi