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You never go away, and for the neat-freak or the noncommittal type, that’s a tough pill to swallow.  If you want to bring some glitter into your world, you can actually do it elegantly, unexpectedly, and neatly.  Related on Yahoo Makers: Glitter Bomb Your Enemies for $8 Pop the balloon and you have glitter encased in glue, safe from your floor.  So simple and understated for glitter friend! Image via Veronika’s Blushing I’d like to meet a real bird that’s covered in glitter-tipped feathers.

7 Glitter Crafts You'll Actually Want to Live With

Beautiful photography: gold glitter on hands. What if she also clapped and glitter went everywhere?

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make it rain

black and white -- hands with glitter!

"put out the glitter that your souls hides behind" |-/ before you start your day |-/ twenty one pilots

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Turn your magic on ✨ to me she’d say ✨ everything you want is a dream away and we are legends every day

New Manicures, As Inspired by Modern Artists. art direction by natalie shriver, photos by dawn dicarlo, and nails by madeline poole


aaronfeaver: “Maya in the studio yesterday.

Don't give up. Your miracles are on the way..

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"Why glitter?" I yelled. The man circled me, watching the glitter blend into the color of my skin. "Because," he said, "every girl deserves to sparkle.

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{{ nothing like the rain when you're in outer space ̖́-

This anti-gravity galaxy in a bottle is such a FUN PROJECT to try with the kids! The glitter actually rises to the top, instead of settling to the bottom! So cool and so beautiful to watch!

Anti-Gravity Galaxy in a Bottle

This anti-gravity galaxy in a bottle is such a cool and fun activity to try with the kids during a space unit! Gorgeous and beautiful to watch!

Get Your Glitter on With This Shot-Glass DIY: If you're looking for a fun DIY that makes your space instantly sparkle, these shot-glass vases are a real stunner.

Get Your Glitter on With This Shot-Glass DIY

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Glitter pinecones--have seen these before, but they look really good dipped in white paint. I'm going to try spraying the whole thing with clear or white glitter, then painting the tips with silver glitter.

sparkles I think it would be a pretty addition to Christmas. Dip pine cones in white paint and a sprinkling of glitter.

Glitter picture Chanel no 5 with lots of silver glitter butterflies, in silver glitter 3d frame, Bespoke by Flutterframes on Etsy

Chanel picture,Personalised Glitter picture Chanel no 5 with lots of silver glitter butterflies,silver chanel perfume picture,Chanel glitter

iLoveToCreate Blog: Double Sparkle, No-Shed, Secret Glitter Technique

DIY Candlestick Double Sparkle - No-Shed secret glitter technique