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  • Brooke Johnson

    except the time turner... SO TRUE! this bothered me in the books!

  • La Toya

    The time turner made for a great book (the tightest of the 7), but it was too powerful. Nothing like that should exist in any world, real or fantasy. #harrypotter #Dumbledore #Timeturner #HP

  • Teppy Nelson

    true story

  • Christie Millar

    HAHAHA Never thought of the time turner. wow BUT in jo's defense, harry would have had to re-live his whole life. to get back to the present. and it would have messed up time and all this stuff. idk it makes sense in my head. think about it, everything from the time turner in book 3 made sense, but how could they have made sense of harry living with his aunt and uncle if his parents survived?

  • Ruja Entcheva

    FALSE! Buckbeak never really died, the executioner slashed the pumpkin instead but with the weirdness of time travel everyone thought he died. Because really Harry and Hermione were there the first time through, they threw the stones to get themselves out of Hagrids before the minster got there and Harry was there to cast the patronus to save himself. Hard to explain but the point is HE NEVER DIED! #Buckbeak #HarryPotter

  • Jenna Papke

    Harry Potter Humor… I thought this!

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