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Textile BUSINESS CARDS | "These are my business cards made from old fabric samples collected by my mom. Published on Zeixs book and on Pie Books" | By FRANCESCA PASINI

Business cards

Labels and business card design for the fashion designer Mertxe Hernández. She works in a little Studio - Shop in Barcelona, all you can buy in the store are handmade unique pieces. To capture this essence I used the traditional sewing vintage icons (scissors, thread, machine sew…) as the clothes she sells each label is also unique because they are designed to be handwritten. by Carla Cascales

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love these DIY business cards from joy ever after

Handmade Thread Embroidered Cards

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Palm Leaf print Business Cards – The Atelier

Business Cards

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AWD- this is just cool....Simple, modern, minimalist letterpress business card with gold. Design inspiration.


Bright Edge Painted Business Card

Handmade Blue Edged Design

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