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A serving is defind as a 2"x2" slice for sheet cakes or a 1"x2" slice for layer cakes. The pictures below describe the number of servings in some tiered cakes as well as a guide for cutting cakes, which is especially useful for getting the prescribed number of servings when cutting round cakes.

Cake Serving Guide to know just how many cakes will serve your guests.

love how romantic this looks - could change the blue cake to a different color.

I want the heart shaped cake with fruit, sponge and chocolate with animal shaped icing round the outside

Beach Theme Wedding March 29, 2008: The cake I made was a beach inspired wedding cake. I baked a 3 tier white cake, sizes 14, 10, and 6. I use a torte cutter with adjustable heights for

infographic to workout how big or small your #wedding #cake should be to feed all your guests

Lindsay's Sweet 16 About the cake: The cake I made for my neice's sweet sixteen cake. She loved it. By Lorraine's Cakes

wedding-cake-sizes-.....could be useful 4 my senior baking project :-) forecipes.blogspo...