Flamingos and Butterflies: Scottish Highlands and Quiet Sundays

English - Pinned says: anchors: writing - types of sentences - jeff anderson - mechanically inclined! have the students practice their own after modeling.

Anchor chart - helpful and to the point

Use Recount instead Retelling Anchor Chart. Good for kids who need to work intensively on basic reading skills. Paired, possibly, with visuals for kids with limited proficiency or processing issues.

Expanding sentences... also, each sentence becomes more detailed because of a key question... who? what? how? where? ... can tie in with instruction on questioning, adjectives, verbs, nouns etc...

I've used a rubber band, stretching it each time we expand the sentence until we can stretch it no more (add verbs, adjectives, and adverbs)." - Really like the rubber band idea!

synonyms chart. Woo-hoo! Bust out your thesaurus(omg!4 tries to spell that right).

Instructional Chart: This chart can be placed in the classroom writing center to give students synonyms to replace simple words. It can be used both as a tool for their writing or as a dictionary to decipher word meanings during reading.

Common Core Booster: Text-Based Answers (Sentence Writing Prompts) - MsJordanReads - TeachersPayTeachers.com

Common Core Booster: Text-Based Answers (Sentence Writing Prompts)

This checklist helps students to build better, more descriptive paragraphs. Having this posted on the wall, or on a laminated sheet in their books will help them to take a second look at their writing in order to improve upon it.