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Magnum 51 Sandal available

Funky Shoes 7 1 2 Platform MAGNUM 51 by Highest Heel 76 99 Sexy Shoes High Heels Stripper Shoes Platforms and Thigh High Boots for Women 1366

Chanclas con plataforma pa la playa!!

zapatos, zapatillas, sandalias muy raras!!

Make your feet look like the most delicious of all foods with sandwich sandals, the flip flops that look like loaded up sammies. Although these shoes don’t feel as squishy as really wearing sandwiches on your feet, you’ll find them far more stylish.

These shoes are so creative! I love the gum ones the best!

What the shoe?!

Such funny shoe ideas! But seriously who the hell'd wear these things

Day of the Dead Necklace Bronze Sugar Skull Pendant por LostApostle

Dia de los Muertos Day of the Dead Necklace - Bronze Sugar Skull Pendant, on Gold Plated Chain

Creepy Crawler heels!! But omg could I even walk in these comfortabley !!

Safa Şahin (SHOELUST)

There's a HUGE difference between "sexy" and "debilitating foot pain" - Safa Şahin

Yikes!      I would break my neck in these....jeeez!!!! Not humouress, just really damn odd!

One of ther weirdest pair of shoes ever created. Designed for short people, High Chair Shoes can make you look taller as the heels sports three scaffolding base to elevate its wearer over 6 inches above the ground.

"Alexander McQueen Shoes'

Don't you think these are just over the top? The detail on these shoes is simply AMAZING! The nude toned base of the stockings is such a beautiful contrast to the silver-grey lace and the chromatic heels. Baroque Angels shoes by Alexander McQueen

Interesting shoes...creative ways to draw the eyes to the feet! Better have perfect feet and toes for these. No one wants to see crusty heels and unpolished toes when admiring conversation starting footwear.

Funny pictures about Creative high heel designs. Oh, and cool pics about Creative high heel designs. Also, Creative high heel designs photos.

Just no. Thinking of the poor fish when u walk just makes me sad

Top 25 Weird Shoes Of The Internet

Chaussures design les plus originales. Des chaussures expérimentales.

Artist Creates 12 Shoes For 12 Ex Lovers I like and would rock the shit out of The Boss and The Hot Bitch!

10 amazing shoes and footwear designed by Kobi Levi. The shoes are named after the themes that inspired the artist in creating them: Blond ambition, Coffe Diner, Contemporary Chinese, Baseball, Black Swan, Cheerleader blue, Flamingo, Swan, Toucan, Tongue.

10 amazing shoes and footwear designed by Kobi Levi. The shoes are named after…