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Let your students know you think they rock!

Give your students Shout Outs for their great behavior or other accomplishments! | 6 Positive Ways to Build Students Up

Extreme student behavior: 7 traps to avoid when NOTHING seems to work

Understanding the ABCs of behavior is a huge part of avoiding these traps and getting to the root of student behavior.

7 Ways to Manage Teacher Stress

Top 7 Ways to Manage Teacher Stress. Start your week with 1 item that informs, inspires, or entertains. Subscribe at

6 Ed Tech Tools to Try in 2016

Six apps that are workable for the classroom, although Periscope might not be very useful Refer us to someone that uses our recruiting to make a hire and we will reward you travel. Email me at

7 Easy Sanity Saving Behavior Management Strategies! Kindergarten - 6th

10 Ways to Revitalize Your Classroom in the New Year

10 ways to revitalize your classroom - January is the perfect time to freshen things up in your classroom!

Ten Ways to Motivate Students

Ten Ways to Motivate Students: ten ideas to get the children to WANT to learn, without having to rob a bank!

30 Techniques to Quiet a Noisy Class

Whether you use musical instruments, game pieces, call-and-response, or electronic devices, there are many successful ways of getting students to focus front and stop talking.