▶ Remco Mr. Kelly's Automatic Car Wash Toy Santa left one for my little brother.


Andy Griffith Show

Keds Shoes Commercial (1950s)

devil shake radio commercial

Tang Commercial (1966)

Retro 7up Commercial 60's

NOXZEMA tv Commercial - YouTube

1967 Commercial Break: Kraft products

Heinz Pickle Commercial - 1965

1965 commercial for Eastern Airlines

Woolite Commercial from the late 60s.

Schlitz Beer Commercial (1967) Three's a Crowd, Four is a Schlitz Party!

Toys From the 60s and 70s

I always lost the magnetic pen.

mattel toys 1950s - Google Search

Red-Ryder-You'll shoot your eye out

mattel toys 1960's - Google Search

Remember this???? I had lots of fun getting carsick in a seat like that.

5 - 10 The Dime Store

tinkertoys - Google Search