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/ AUTUMN HAS ARRIVED/ go ahead and create a new atmosphere at home! It’s time to officially end the summer, the kids are back at school, and the first faded leaves are painting the streets. I’m so fond of autumn. The colours, the smells, the impact nature has on our lives this season. It’s almost magic! ... MORE ON

/ NEW SEASON, NEW COLORS / Everything changes a little each season. Not only outside in nature, but also fashion and interior design trends change every season. The magazines are the proof. Compare a summer issue magazine with a winter issue. Other colors, patterns, materials, over and over again... MORE ON THE BLOG

/ INTERIOR TRENDS IN 2017 / Interiors change. It’s something dynamic. Trends play a key role in this. Even though you think you’re not sensitive to trends, it does determine, unconsciously, what we like, and therefore also a bit the way our homes look like. Recently, I read an interesting interview on with trend watcher and colour expert Gaby Fecken van Gestel. Today, a short summary.... MORE ON;

/ PARQUET VS LAMINATE? / Very often you hardly see any difference and many get them often mixed up. Yet there is indeed a big difference. Today I try to figure out for you what those differences really are. This way you can make a well-founded choice for a (new) floor at home!.. MORE ON THE BLOG

Dennis Pfisterer fährt ein schwarzes Auto, trägt schwarze Hemden und spielt ein schwarzes Klavier. Weiß und braun bilden den Kontrast. Freunde von Freunden war zu Besuch.

/ HOME OFFICE / Personally, I don’t use it very often, my home office, but in my opinion it's a very nice item to have at home. It really furnishes the living area. In addition, it also provides a place to store all my paperwork and other matters. I chose an old school desk with a metal frame and a wooden top.... More on the blog

Ceramics by Eddie and Margaret Curtis at - Margaret Curtis, 2005. Copper Red Semi-Porcelain. A piece drawing on the Japanese tatami mat configuration for inspiration. Metalic black rim Width 35 x 35cm. Height 15cm.

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