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The Best Twitter Feeds of 2012: TIME picks the 140 Twitter feeds that are shaping the online conversation in 2012.

Are you new to Twitter chats or Twitter in general? This Edudemic guide will get you up to speed and feeling comfortable soon enough. Then, you can explore this compilation of Twitter Chats organized by subject, area, and interest. There truly is a Twitter chat for everyone!

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Microsoft Unveils Surface Tablet

Taking the Tablet to New Heights—Microsoft thinks Surface can redefine the tablet with dual USB ports, thin-yet-sturdy construction and a cover that reveals a fully functional keyboard complete with trackpad.

Sync Posts Between Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & Your Links [Facebook Tip/Hack Of The Week]

If This Then That is AWESOME!! If THIS happens, then THAT happens scripting that anyone can do. It has a learning curve, but once you start creating Recipes, you'll love it. I get a text message ONLY if it is going to rain tomorrow, for example...