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Seven new buttons Facebook should introduce.  They need one for the selfies... "We get it. You think you're hot..."...

Seven new buttons Facebook should introduce.

At first I was like "YEAH! I DO" Then i was like "....oh....BAHAHAHAHAHA"


You know that awesome feeling when you finally understand math? - hahahahahahahahahhahahahahhah pretty much!

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Dear Alcohol, we had a deal where you would make me funnier, smarter & a better dancer. I saw the video. We need to talk.

I think everyone with a man in their life can relate to this!

Every day I fall in love with you more & more.well, not every day yesterday you were pretty annoying! LOL cute lil' pack of gum & funny gag gift!

HEY YOU ! you need to know that!    #so_true ! xD

Did you know that if you light a candle under the moonlight and you say 3 times the name of the person you love, you will look really stupid doing it!


Funny pictures about The fridge revenge. Oh, and cool pics about The fridge revenge. Also, The fridge revenge.

That would be great then my nieces would visit.

Funny Pictures of the day pics- When I Die I Want My Tombstone To Offer Free WiFi, Just So People Visit More Often