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    Bathinette - had one of these when I was a baby.

    My Mom, Grandma and Aunts sat under one of these with curlers in their hair when I was little. I always loved watching them fix their hair.

    I sooo remember one like this hanging on the clothes line, holding the clothes pins.

    pyrex butter dishes - we keep it out so the butter would be soft & easy to spread

    The dishwashers in Mama's Kitchen used Lux Liquid for dishes for years...

    Today there are more than 600 Piggly Wiggly stores serving communities in 17 states. All Piggly Wiggly stores are independently owned and operated, and are located primarily throughout the Southeast and as far north as Wisconsin. www.pigglywiggly....

    tub washer with wringer - In 1956, my mother got one with an "automatic release" button in case your hand started to go through the ringer!!

    I loved going to the redemption center with my mom and trying to convince her to buy me things with her books of stamps. We also had Gold Bell Gift Stamps at our local stores.

    My parents got one of these as a wedding gift 41 years ago, I used it in my first apartment and it still makes great coffee!

    I remember playing with one of these when I was a kid. I'm not sure what they're really for.

    shortie pajamas - Pre central air conditioning we wore as little as possible