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    • Katherine Ellen

      "bathinette"--my mom bathed my sister in one of these. probably my brother and i, too. you needed to fill up with water...with a bucket or something, and the hose helped you to drain the water out. you can still buy bathinettes, who knew?

    • Linda Price

      Doll Bath and Dressing Table Price: $5.98 Description It's fun to bathe dolly in this white, leakproof, heavy vinyl plastic tub with hammock. Metal tray below holds bath accessories. White splash guard has pockets. Nursery pattern dressing table slides over tub; safety strap holds dolly. Has a rubber drain hose and the heavy chrome-plated frame folds easily. Baby powder, wash cloth, sponge, and soap are included.

    • Donna

      bathinette. My mom used this for my sister then me. The we used it to play with our dolls

    • Margaret Finn was a changing table. The bottom was filled with water to bathe the baby.

    • Ellen Brueggemann

      Bathinette. Mom had one for my sister in 1958. I used one for my first baby in 1967.

    • Arlene McKnight

      bathinette....My mother had one of these ready for when my sister was born.

    • Karen Hill

      Baby bathinette, my mom had this for Kathy and Annie!

    • donna larson

      Bathinette... I remember my baby brother having this.

    • Diana

      combo bath N changing table

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    Wow, 44% alcohol plus morphine... it may be habit forming, imagine that. ( remember this....we used it when babies were cutting teeth and we rubbed it on their horrible to know this now....I never would have used it....but..the doc said to)

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