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@bbcdoctorwho : ICYMI "Doctor Who at New York Comic Con!" #DoctorWho October 08 2016 at 03:38AM


Screening elderly for dementia not ready for widespread use

Though there's growing hope for detecting the disease before memory loss and confusion set in, doctors aren't ready to recommend early detection due to lack of effective medications. However, many caregivers and family members say the knowledge can help them be better prepared to manage the needs of a loved one with dementia and plan for the future.

Joss: "Not supposed to drop Avengers spoilers, but Iron Man DOES get a pet" (Just to be clear, not a real spoiler. Joss was at a sculture garden, I think in Seattle.)

Google Hangout at ECTRIMS this afternoon At 3.45 pm (UK time) we will be broadcasting our Google Hangout report from ECTRIMS. Just to let you know that there is a slight change of plan as it seems that on the 12th of September Google decided to move Google Hangouts to YouTube! This now means I think that people can not join the hangout which is incredibly annoying and disappointing. You can of course still watch the livestream video on YouTube and either comment on the video in the YouTube…