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Airborne Axis,Ww2 1942 6

Anny-Yolande Horowitz Born on June 2, 1933 in Strasbourg. Last lived at 21, rue Rode, Bordeaux. Interned in the Lalande camp near Tours and then transferred to Drancy. From there, she, her mother Frieda, and her sister Paulette, age 7, were deported on Sept. 11, 1942 on Convoy 31. Their destination: Auschwitz-Birkenau. The Vichy Regime (July 1940-August 1944) An ugly chapter in French history.

1942 Russie Kursk . Lieutenant Sunji Sasamoto , photojournaliste militaire japonais posant avec un officier hongrois , un soldat et un officier allemand