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There are many ways to get your hands on them, however regardless of what method you use, always make sure the term you have selected in available for registration and no other company holds rights to it.

When starting on a new business venture, many entrepreneurs overlook important facets that make a company successful.

The whole process involves coming up with catchy name suggestions, checking registered names for businesses to avoid legal battles, and finally having the business name registered.

The creators of LogoMakers know that coming up with an important business facet such as a company logo is made better and easier through a pool of different ideas.

Finding a catchy business name must be on top of your business plan as a good brand name could make a huge difference in advertisement, marketing, brand awareness and ultimately in sales.

Users only need to key in their business name and tag line, select an icon to represent their business, or go minimalistic and keep a text-only design, and create their own business logo in a jiffy.

SquareSpace is the haven of users who do not have extensive technical and designing skills or experience. This logo-creating tool makes designing fast and easy because of its drag and drop technology.