Martin St. Louis featured in ESPN Magazine Body Shot feature

Wayne Gretzky New York Rangers

Because you don't have to tell Canadians this

Puck you man!


Love Hockey

I say this about everyday after school. I'm out of here...Jack has practice. No time for after school meetings.

all the time

Basically my life. I ditch hw, study time, and even parties to watch/go to hockey games. #addict

so long until October!

HOCKEY PLAYERS The only men women cant help fantasizing about despite their lack of teeth. Yeah theyre that awesome.

Hottest guys in the NHL. Combines my love of hockey and some eye candy. Glad Adam doesn't have a Pinterest.... ha!!! :)


Our good friend #EPoole88 (Eric Poole) is getting ready for the upcoming season with cartoon renderings of each team. This is the St. Louis Blues. #TSN #BarDown

pretty awesome

Classic photo of Gordie Howe and a young Wayne Gretzky | NHL | Hockey

Because we needed another reason that hockey players are amazing.


Hockey Montreal of course. Nobody plays better hockey than Canadians.


Stanley Cup Popcorn Maker! What hockey fan wouldn't want this?