A word clock that gives a new non-analog, non-digital spin on telling time. Awesome clock!!

QLOCKTWO, the fourth dimension squared. this will be mine one day...

i want this clock

How awesome is this? The Giant Birdsnest, now available in various sizes and wood finishes.

Music note wall clock! Brought the band nerd out in me! Great idea for a music room, or over a piano,

I'll take oe of these and while your at it through in that stove in the background!

Fish Aquarium Sink!!

Invisible book shelf. Floating book stack.

Hang pictures of messy kids in the laundry room using pant hangers. This is so cute!

interesting storage - in the pantry/on the pantry doors?

Kibardin Design Digital LED Wall Clock - This clock designed by Vadim Kibardin is a modern 3D interpretation of the traditional digital clock, designed to simply show the time and nothing else.

clock coffee table. It would always be tea time!

Coolest candle ever. I want one!

DIY Sliding Barn Door . . . . wonder if I have long enough pieces in my stash to make one for my living room . . . .


Flat Extension Cord

You stick in whatever you want and it makes a clock! Cooool.


Jay Strongwater Mayfair Leaf & Bee Clock - Neiman Marcus

I need this doormat!