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Lektüre für einen erholten Geist.

Everything You Need to Know About Microgreens

Everything you need to know about microgreens!

Rhodochrosite, "My spirit grows as I treat myself and others with loving compassion." Rhodochrosite represents selfless Love and Compassion and is a good stone to work with the Heart Chakra and for relationships.

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Look at a tree…

How still they are, how deeply rooted in being.

huf plant socks

I serve the Beloved Creator. Spirit guides me as I deliver messages to those in need. I work in multi dimensions. Upon the Earth plane, I am Raven and Crow. S.C.

Dick and Jane reading books are what I learned to read with. I loved them!

Johny Depp. A wonderful and true quote.

Ein mächtiger Baum, eingefasst mit Mauersteinen. Und Absperrung, vielleicht gegen parkende Autos.