temporary hair dye (chalk) (via the beauty department)


Using chalk to add color to your hair! Soft chalk pastels can be found at any major art store. Just don’t get “soft chalk” pastels confused for oil pastels.

use soft pastel chalk to temporarily color hair, awesome. It's probably best to wet hair first, then color, then heat with a blow dryer or any type of hair iron. Comes out with shampoo and conditioner. :)

Things needed: Soft Pastel Chalk (DO NOT confuse it with oil pastel. Oil pastel will be hard to remove). Just twist hair while chalking & brush away excess powder left from chalk.

How to make and apply hair chalk, my daughter is begging for this lol!!!

Hair Chalk Recipe and Application Tutorial

How to make and apply hair chalk; An easy way to temporarily color project)


30 Days of Twist & Pin Hairstyles – Day 15

Beehive hairstyles are one of the most trendy hairstyles among the women. There are many beehive hairstyles like; the Chignon hairstyles, high buns hairstyles.

Cute hair tutorial

25 Gorgeous Half-Up, Half-Down Hairstyles

Step By Step Tutorial for a Simple 3 Twists Hair Style - Perfect fix for bed head . Going to try this one out sometime.

Hair Chalking!

Hair Chalking tutorial via Kandee Johnson You'll need: -gloves -spray bottle full of water -soft pastels -a flat iron

Super easy & fast is really true! "Waterfall twist! Super easy, fast, and cute!"

Waterfall Twist Braid

hair tricks - Consider Hair Chalking... it's Fun! - Try Chalking for exciting colored streaks. It's healthier than using the chemicals of semi-permanent and permanent dyes. Follow the link at the bottom of the image for detailed instructions for hair base shades that are either dark, medium or light.

hmmmm, but will it work on dark hair.Color streaks made with soft pastel chalks. Temporary color or semi permanent (can last through 5 washes if you wet the chalk)

Pink Unicorn Braid- for dark haired girls, add a colored ribbon, feather, or clip-in of color. Most effective to apply the colour depositing conditioner straight to clean, dry hair & thinning it down w/regular conditioner (you'll use a lot less). Davines Alchemic "Red" smells like candy & will wash out! Check out tutorials on "rope" braid.


unicorn braid (rope braid) Cute as heck! I can never get my hair to stay when I try this kind of twist/braid though.

hair bows are in, note to self, learn this...

Low Bow: Too cute! Bridesmaid hair idea or guest of a wedding or shoot just a cute idea for the weekend!

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Crayola chalk.~ No damage & washes out easily

Color your hair with any color chalk pastel in 4 easy steps. Wet hair, twist the hair you want colored, color it with the pastel of your choice. Let hair dry and use brush through to remove excess chalk. MUCH better than spray hair dye!

Curly blond hair and purple dyed ends

How to create mermaid waves by Free People by FreePeople. Free People shows you how to create mermaid waves at The Parlour Salon Philadelphia.

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