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Further encouraged by visits with leading geneticists at UC Davis and Cornell, Dale's plan for mating the large African Serval with the much smaller domestic cat is set into motion

BabyCenterfrom BabyCenter

African Serval/ Savannah Cat

I am going to own one of these one day!


I want a Savannah cat and I want it now…

Actually, Savannah cats are closer to wild cats than domestic cats....Unless you want a mini cheetah running around and destroying things, DO NOT GET ONE!

Mental Flossfrom Mental Floss

8 Obscure but Adorable Wildcat Species

The Serval (Leptailurus serval) is a three to four foot long African wild cat that is believed to be the ancient ancestor of both the lion and the cheetah. It inhabits the same territory, the African savanna. Servals have small heads and long legs, efficient for chasing prey through the grass. They are also highly intelligent. Servals are the wild cat most often kept as house pets. The large domestic breed Savannah is a cross between a Serval and a domestic cat.

Ah yes, the Savannah cat. Cross breed, large domestic cats that are as sociable as dogs. I WISH I HAD ONE!


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