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A button bowl!

Wine Corks Recycled Bowl - glue around a balloon or an existing bowl to get the right shape. Hmmm stepmoms next present maybe?"?

Soak lace doiles in glue, arrange on a blown up balloon, brush on 1 more coat of glue & let dry for at least 24 hrs. Pop balloon, carefully peel away & voila! You have a lace bowl!

Buttons, buttons, buttons!

this would be so cool to do....leaf shells on a balloon...use glue then pop

How to make a tabletop fire bowl!

Bikes from buttons ~~ wire and paperclips

VJuliet: DIY Confetti Bowl

How Many Ways to Sew on a Button? busted button.com .... Make a throw pillow on this design

Oh my goodness. Cut the bottoms off of two Coke bottles. Glue zipper inside. Instant snack container. love this one

Clear cups + fabric + glue + fairy lights.

glue buttons to a balloon, pop the balloon, and you're left with a cute button bowl!

Dip yarn in watered down glue, wrap around balloon and pop balloon when dry...

Roll up magazine pages, glue it to a balloon, and pop it.

Button Lampshade....

nursery art button craft

Easy craft clay... dries hard. Perfect to make ornaments for the kids to paint. Fun Christmas craft!

yarn bowl .. love all of the colors

pretty cool!!! Crayons in a glue gun

button star

Glue a bowl, 2 plates and 2 candlestick holders together....dollar store craft. Put dip in bowl!.