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  • Carmen Hansen Schwitzer

    Dalmation ~ The only spotted breed, the Dalmatian is alert and active, possessing great endurance, speed and intelligence. Their working and sporting heritage makes them suitable as both a family pet or performance animal, and they are often found in the show, obedience and agility rings, or galloping alongside a horse as a coach dog in "road trials."

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  • Corey Irwin | Cooking with Corey

    Polka Dot Party: Dalmatian | Swede Dreams. #dog #pet #spots #spotted #animal #photography

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I think my heart skipped a few beats

♥Reminds me of Tosche, our spotless Dalmation. His spots remained on his skin under his coat of short white hair...definitely a mutation. Years ago!!!

Dalmatian puppies. | Flickr – Compartilhamento de fotos!

Awww my dog scared the shit out of my parents when they found him in my cradle with me

dalmation puppy. These are seriously the most gorgeous dogs ever, I swear

This puppy can be safe from fleas and ticks with no toxins at any age. Find out more at: www.petprotector....

Being a kid who grew up with dalmatians...I love them and they are so precious as puppies!

A dignified, absolutely darling dalmatian waiting on the hood of a car for its master to return.

Rescued dog rescued kitten so adorable how could anyone want to hurt such loving animals. Amazing, strong bond of love!

I had a dalmation that was handsome just like this one, but kind of grumpy. I had another dalmation who was liver spotted and he was really ugly, but the most lovable animal.

How anyone could ever be mean or cruel to an animal is beyond me... Those who do must not have a soul. Animals are the most loving, affectionate and forgiving creatures around. Honestly. And that's how I feel! :)