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Hi I'm Juliet daughter of Prince Charming. I am 17 years old, single(for now ;) and I don't judge people based on their parents. I like doing what is expected of me though at times I question my path. Popular but nice and super sweet

Tutus and dresses and pointe shoes! - miss dance (partially ballet!) more and more these days!

Do solo "High Fashion " poses in black & white to frame. A beautiful photograph that I am happy to pin!

Wearing the classic vintage dresses, at a malt bar, all things sugary and sweet :3 perfect for best friends photoshoot

Refinery29from Refinery29

Katie Ermilio Spring '12 Is A (Bridesmaid's) Dream

katie ermillo dress

Zazzlefrom Zazzle

Greeting Cards

Tutu and wand, no face.- I know the photographer and she has some great designs at her shop!

Fab You Blissfrom Fab You Bliss

I'm Simply Gushing Over Blush, Cream & Gray