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The 4 Week Course - Create a French learning routine

Learn French with a program. Improve your Grammar, conjugation, syntax and pronunciation easily More

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French Texting: 20 Must Know And Common Text Message Abbreviations

infographic French texting: 20 must know common text abbreviations

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How to Learn French at Home and Have Way More Fun Doing It

I’ve finally discovered the fun side of language learning and now so can you. Here’s my list of the 10 BEST ways to learn French right from the comfort of your own home!

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Crash course in French for the holidays

Crash Course in French

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5 French Books to read for beginners

Hello folks! Comment ça va? Today I dressed a list of 5 French books to read, that are suitable for beginners to intermediate levels. Though reading a book is a major step when learning a new language, it is important to go through with it. You might not feel like you absolutely need it, or not yet, or that speaking is more important, but eventually, you will feel much more confident about your abilities in the language targeted. This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience…

Learn French # 8 Hours To Pronounce Correctly French Language - YouTube

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10 Child-Friendly French Movies + Where to Watch these Movies Online

10 Child-Friendly French Movies + where to watch these movies. Do not hesitate to share

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50 Common French Phrases Every French Learner Should Know

Learn 50 Casual, Everyday French Phrases You Oughta Know. Example: Quoi de neuf? What's new? Super Useful for French Learners. (+a PDF bonus). Do not hesitate to repin

French language school poster - Chart with colors in French