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What's really going on in the 11 most common Instagram photos

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Funny Pictures Of The Day

Funny Pictures Of The Day - December 1, 2014


How to interact with the introverted…

How to interact with the introverted


The only way you can be sure…

I saw a spider in my bathtub.... BWAHAHAHA!!!!!! @Lauren Enriquez

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Can Beautiful Design Make Your Resume Stand Out?

My resumes look similar to the ones on the right and I'm certain they're the reason I ALWAYS get calls back after submitting my resume!

Im afraid of a world run by adults who were never spanked as kids and got trophies just for participating. YES.

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Sunday brunch (60 photos)

It's definitely coming on this weekend!!! 3 30 packs of beer, Patron, Jack Daniels, and Jager... All of the large!!! Kick back is going to be sick!!!

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Because Hormones Make Us Emotional

Because Hormones Make Us Emotional - The Lovecats Inc

There are people on Facebook who fail to grasp the difference between: ‘what’s on your mind?’ and ‘you should talk to a therapist about that’. @Halie Parke Speaks bring anyone to mind

Hahaha! I would love to say this to some people!