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LOL me & my friends, but I need three more ladies painted on there for me & my high school friends. We are still together after 50 years.

For some reason I found this extremely funny....probably more than I should have....

Barber Cat!

Funny pictures about Barber Cat. Oh, and cool pics about Barber Cat. Also, Barber Cat.


Harper’s Bazaar Fashion photographer Lillian Bassman captured some amazing shots in the and

"...on a beach, drinking beer."

I put my symptoms on WebMD and it turns out I just need to be on a beach drinking beer.

let's stay hydrated... cheers

Hehehehehe, this esp applies at the beach or by the pool! That Maxine is one smart gal lol!

Like that

Don't be to concerned with the number. Respect and appreciate your still here to acknowledge the increase.

15 Kids Were Asked About Marriage And Love, Their Responses Are Hilarious!

Quotes from kids on marriage.pretty much the best thing ever!Heck, I don't know whether to leave this under "Humor" or put it under "Brilliant Words." These kids are dialed in!