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Nonfiction Text Features Task Cards for Informational Text

Use these 24 Nonfiction Text Feature Task Cards as a supplemental activity to increase your students' understanding and to help them to use nonfiction (informational text) resources more effectively.

Narrative Writing - Prewriting

Narrative Writing - Prewriting | What I Have Learned. A great blog post on how to help students brainstorm and prewrite personal narratives. Teaching the Writing Process | Process Writing | Elementary School | Creative Non-fiction | Common Core Aligned Curriculum | Common Core Writing

Fiction Reading Centers - Graphic Organizers for Reading

Looking for effective Guided Reading or Literacy Center activities? Simply pair any of these sheets with a Non-Fiction text, and you have an instant activity for your students! (Directions and Explanation included) This resource includes 22 Fiction Reading Activity Sheets that can be used during Literacy Centers and/or Guided Reading.

Ideas for Exploring Non-Fiction in the Elementary Classroom

Looking for activities to introduce non-fiction to your upper grade students?! Check out my latest blog post on exploring information texts in the elementary classroom. I share tons of ideas for teaching and about non-fiction in a way that is engaging and meaningful for all learners.

These 36 task cards are written at multiple levels of Bloom's Taxonomy. They thoroughly cover Common Core Point of View Standards RL.6 and RI.6. The task cards also contain helpful teaching tips to help students understand these standards. $