Dark hair, pale skin, smokey eye! Yes! Trying to embrace my paleness- if only I looked like Adriana Lima!!

Rich Dark Hair & Gloss

Adriana Lima

Tones of dark chocolate brown are great to make pale, cool skin tones all the more striking. The contrast really shows off a flawless complexion. To prevent such a deep shade from falling flat, add subtle, barely-there highlights that will also make this dark brunette easier to pull off.

Adriana Lima ♥


Adriana Lima.

Who doesn't like some sort of attention? Wearing a bright yellow cardigan calls out a lot! This look was kept toned down by adding a black undershirt & dark denim shorts. You wouldn't want to over do it by adding more bright colors. The gold necklace compliments the cardigan & the light-peach watch. This is perfect for a chill day at home or just being out & about. THANK YOU SELENA GOMEZ BEACUSE YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND A AMAZING MODEL.



Adriana Lima

dark hair

Adriana Lima

Why can't my hair look like this!!?? Want my black hair back..

Makeup and Hair for Pale Skin

Love the makeup!!

Beautiful pale skin, dark hair, red lip.

beautiful pale skin, dark hair

dark hair pale skin


Best Bronzers for Pale Skin I'm surprised that chanel is not here which i have one. Does it mean its not good?