I couldn't see how a long distance relationship could work before I fell in love with you. But it's the only way we would have met. And I know we will be happy forever so there is nothing to worry about.

I love this. It's so true and I love when I find something new about you <3

Distance doesn't mean a thing when you truly love some one. For all the people that judge you for your long distance relationship saying "oh you don't really know him, it'll never work" tell those people to shove it cuz they don't know a thing about true love

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i hope you wake up and it suddenly hits you that there wasn't anyone who loved you as much as i loved you


When two people are meant for each other, no time is too long, no distance is too far, and no one can ever tear them apart.

already have <3

Long distance

I can say I am one of the lucky girls who has a guy like this in my life. I am blessed to have him and wouldn't change a thing. It has been about 5 months and to know that nothing is rushed and that we can just enjoy each others company, best feeling in the world. He is truly my best friend.

long distance * le sigh *

Long distance love

Be True to You..

Awww!! sooo cute(:

..such as being long distance for foreverrrr :)

Love (:

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Long Distance

So true. But some people keep trying to read it while the other person doesn't even know we're the book is at. Move on

love knows no distance

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