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    Tangram Puzzle Worksheets

    Tangram - Colour, Printable with Patterns

    Free Tangram Template

    Tangrams, ancient Chinese puzzles in which a square is cut into seven traditional pieces (each called a tan), are arranged into patterns used to help tell the story. --- I just took out our tangrams and made the animals as we went along.

    Thanksgiving/Autumn Tangrams - FREE

    Kindergarten readiness worksheets

    What Comes Before, Between, and After Counting Worksheets - free 9 page worksheet set

    Doubles Math Puzzles

    Here's a series of puzzles for skip counting. Each page has a large image, and lines to cut. Once cut, the images make puzzles. Students use the numbers on the bottom to practice skip counting by 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 10s, and 100s. As they put the numbers in order, they are also putting the puzzle together.

    Exponents Worksheet - Complete the Missing Parts to the Table

    "Tangram Zoo" Have your student design animal shapes using tangram pieces and make a "Tangram Zoo" math bulletin board display of their finished projects.

    Four folding maths puzzle books - ideal for end of term work or homework

    Free-LEGO Ratios makes a great introductory lesson for teaching ratios. Inside you'll find two complete worksheets focusing on finding ratio, a ratio table, and a math station.

    Free Math Worksheet Printables: Clocks, Graph Paper, Coordinate Planes, Number Lines, and More! - Five Js

    Worksheets: 3D Shapes

    Teach students to measure angles with these protractor worksheets. (You're not going to find better protractor worksheets anywhere on the Internet!)

    Translation, Rotation, and Reflection Worksheets

    *FREE* Titanic Math

    Free subtraction worksheets to help your child learn basic subtraction.

    Here's a nice set of interactive notes on divisibility rules.

    Order of Operations ~ Two pages of notes introducing order of operations using a new strategy.