crochet patchwork curtains

doily curtains

A curtain made of muslin and crocheted doilies adorns a door.

repurposed ~~ doilies skirt Part of me thinks its cool, part of me says, "whaaaa?"

Sew doilies together to make a table runner.

I don't even need a window....just hang a curtain rod for all of my scarves for wall art..... :) ~ Di <3

Love this idea

A beautiful crochet cafe curtain. I like the crystal drops along the bottom edge.


hang curtains from the ceiling... to avoid measuring, also makes ceilings look really high

I could do something like this on my kitchen curtains. The afternoon sun would be beautiful! Dishfunctional Designs: Live A Little Be A Gypsy Get Around: Bohemian Inspiration

embroidery hoops and doilies

doily curtain

crochet curtains

Doily curtains.

Driftwood + Doily Dreamcatchers Wall Hanging - The ultimate boho chic focal piece adding a simplistic earthy elegance to any room or wedding decor with its rustic driftwood and pheasant feathers and neutral-toned mixture of various crocheted doilies and fabrics, including leathers, lace, cotton and wool.

Crochet Curtain

DIY Easy Doily Bowl | DIY & Crafts Tutorials - no instructions


Old Fashioned Girl Doily Crochet Pattern