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    USS Macon Interior.

    USS Macon Interior: Interior

    USS Macon interior.

    USS Macon Interior, Interior catwalk.

    USS Macon Interior: Radio.

    USS Macon Interior: Radio.

    USS Macon Interior: Power.

    USS Macon Interior: Engine compartment.

    USS Macon

    USS Macon Interior, Sick Bay

    1933 ... USS Macon

    USS Shenandoah, USS Akron, and USS Sperry.

    USS Macon - The Englishman's (Duke of Windsor) Zeppelin ~~ Hello? This is a U. S. Navy airship!

    USS Shenandoah construction

    USS Macon

    USS Los Angeles Moored at Sea to USS Patoka.

    USS Akron et Macon : construction de dirigeables porte avions construction dirigeable USS Akron porte avion 25 technologie photo information histoire featured

    1930 ... USS Akron

    USS Macon in Hangar

    Augut 8, 1924: The U. S. Navy dirigible USS Shenandoah ZR-01 docks with the airship tender USS Patoka AO-09 while the latter is underway, showing that airships could operate from support ships far out to sea.