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'Second Person Singular' by Sayed Kashua. Cover design by Stan Grinapol. Image courtesy www.huffingtonpost.com.

Rejected Covers: See How 'Second Person Singular' Might Have Looked

Stan Grinapol Discusses Designing 'Second Person Singular' Book Cover

Emma- Jane Austen by white books. my least favorite Jane Austen Novel, but it's just so pretty

White’s Books

White's Books commissions different illustrators to create unique cloth-bond book covers.

Published by Ponent Mon: Galit and Gilad Seliktar’s FARM 54:

Published by Ponent Mon: Galit and Gilad Seliktar’s FARM


23 Books You Probably Didn't Read In High School But Should. ---- i think east of eden should be added to the list. its the only back i read in high school that i really enjoyed. my all time fav book

Samuel Beckett | Proust, 1931 1st edition | ebay


London: Chatto & Windus, First edition of Beckett's study of Marcel Proust. Gift of Sir Joseph Gold

Meat Heart by Melissa Broder is unbelievable and overwhelming for its imaginative power alone, but if you listen past the weird you can hear all sorts of things: sadness, seriousness, life, death, and a whole lot of laughter.

12 Great Small Press Books Recommended by Literary Insiders

The Trial of the Talmud, Paris, 1240.  In 1236, an apostate named Nicholas Donin appeared at the court of Pope Gregory IX, claiming that the Talmud was harmful and thus intolerable in a Christian society. Pope Gregory sent Donin off throughout Europe in 1239 with a message to secular authorities and leading clergy. The only European ruler who acted on the papal injunction was King Louis IX of France, who convened a trial of the Talmud in Paris: The Talmud was to be destroyed.

The Trial of the Talmud: Paris, 1240 (John Friedman, Jean Connell Hoff, Robert Chazan) presents primary texts (offered together in English for the first time) related to the "Trial of the Talmud" that took place in Europe during the Middle Ages.

Native: Dispatches from an Israeli-Palestinian Life

Think of 'Native' as Ta-Nehisi Coates's 'Between the World and Me' for Israel, exposing readers to ideas and realities they might otherwise never encounter.

Your Voice in my Head.  Scarily beautiful. Beautifully scary. A feeling I have never felt before....

Your Voice in my Head. Unexpectedly touching - made me feel less crazy

Elisa Albert - 'After Birth' (2015)

After Birth explores the challenges of first-time parenting and postpartum depression, interfaith marriage, and the second-hand trauma of the children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors. And yes, breastfeeding features heavily.

Hyam Plutzik Poetry | Centennial

Wesleyan University Press re-issued the classic collection of poetry Apples from Shina

'R is for Rocket' cover art by Ian Miller

Selected Sci-Fi & Fantasy Book Covers Part 1

Publication: R Is for Rocket Authors: Ray Bradbury Year: ISBN: Publisher: Pan Books Cover: Ian Miller