another nook!

so cool. i want a secret room in my house.

I want to curl up in here. Dream nook.

And this Southern-style nook.

love the reading nook!!

under the stairs

Dutch cupboard beds have always delighted me. This is especially nice because there is a window. -> 13 Functional Hideaway Bed Design Ideas (4)

Lifted bed! Piper's dream room :) She said she would be in Heaven, LOL!

Seriously? So cool for guests!

bedroom for basement. Extra beds for forts, reading nook and sleepovers

Hydraulic Bed Storage. Want!

Great decor for a teen girl's bedroom! So cosy.

I love this.

What an awesome idea in a little room! Stick a mattress in between and you've saved a whoooooole bunch of waste space.

Charles Faudree - reading nook, book nook. I love the curtains and the rich prints. It's cozy and elegant at the same time.

Perfect for a bed In our basement wIthout usIng floor space..put a nook under the stairs!! Love it!

What a GREAT idea (most close in and use as storage... this is way more fun :)

LOVE this idea!!!

Gold dot decals.

Indoor-outdoor pool. Amazing.