The element of surprise. AMAZING!!! hahaha

I just stumbled across this on Pinterest. Perfect timing since it's exactly how I feel about my Chemistry test tomorrow maybe I should get off Pinterest and back to studying

Nerdy (Periodically Speaking) T-Shirts & Hoodies by Samuel Sheats | Redbubble

This new take on the “that’s what she said” joke: | 19 Things You'll Only Find Funny If You're A Grammar Nerd

Thanks Stephanie! And everybody knows Emily was born on March 14 (3.14). Only a math teacher:)


Nerd humor.

Pi jokes never get old!

punny :)

Nerd prank = awesome!

chemistry cat


This is one of the things i want to show my math teacher

Math humor - I feel advanced because I get this!

Math nerd shirt, yes please.

Science nerd humor....

I laughed more than I should have.

Sad...I've actually been known to say this.

there are some clever people in this world!

What a nice way to put it! Lol.

Chemist humor - it's elemental | 21 Jokes So Clever You Probably Won't Understand Them