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    The element of surprise. AMAZING!!! hahaha

    I just stumbled across this on Pinterest. Perfect timing since it's exactly how I feel about my Chemistry test tomorrow maybe I should get off Pinterest and back to studying

    Nerdy (Periodically Speaking) T-Shirts & Hoodies by Samuel Sheats | Redbubble

    I like Big Books and I can not Lie

    Coincidence? I think not! How awesome is this...crazy but I love it

    I Before E T-Shirt, women's medium $25

    Go Enzymes


    You know you're a math teacher when you find this amusing

    Nerd Congrats Card: Perfect for the nerd in your life who is off doing great things.


    Nerd prank = awesome!

    Welcome to Thesaurus Club. The first rule of Thesaurus Club is: you do not talk about Thesaurus Club.

    For Kayleigh

    Hahaha... Nerd jokes(:

    Nerd jokes

    I GET IT



    Element-ary ░ love a good Science joke.