30 Unique Braids from Daily Makeover - Loosely braid your hair back and tie the braid in a messy top knot for an effortless look, perfect for running errands or a lunch date with friends.

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How To French Braid Bangs


braid + waves

Hair for Morgans wedding?

Spiral French Braid Bun hairstyle - Top 10 latest Bun Hairstyles

up and down french braid


curls and braid

Love this braid



Fishtail headband

Love this braid.

Need to learn how to do!

how to do a knotted braid, or chain braid, or daisy chain braid, as I've called it on my blog, How to braid little girl's hair or teen hair. Little girls' hair styles or teen hairstyles.

Hmm.. I think I could learn this. #cutehair #braids

French Braided Bangs - very good tutorial BEST WAY TO TELL YOU HOW TO DO IT!!