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7 DIY Penny Crafts--Canadians better use then while we have them--getting few and far between!!

How to Change Color of Pennies or other copper objects: 1/4 c white vinegar, 1 tsp salt, A clear, shallow bowl (not metal), Paper Towels. Mix salt & vinegar in bowl. Stir til salt dissolves. Add pennies. After 5 min, take out half of pennies; Put on paper towel. Remove rest of pennies. Rinse them really well under running water, & put on a paper towel. In abt 1 hour rinsed pennies will look shiny and unrinsed pennies will be coated with a blue-green compound called malachite.

Add color to your jewelry with Vintaj Patinas. - Agguungere colore ai gioielli con le patine Vintaj

Faux Stone Jewelry with Polymer Clay

Vanessa Brady's Faux Stone Heart Tutorial. Add dryer lint to unbaked polymer clay to give it volume. Bake and let cool. - Tried & True